Did you know nursing students are very competitive and love demonstrating what they know and have learned? This portion of the day typically occurs in the morning and encourages students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a series of interactive and thrilling activities.

At this time, a portion of the team members selected by their respective captains will go head to head against other nursing schools in a simulation scenario. The remaining team members will take on other schools in “Amazing Race” style challenges.


Following the academic and skills-testing, nursing students are invited to participate in an afternoon of fun by engaging in one of the many sports and/or games that are offered. Teams are divided into three groups that compete against other nursing programs in variety of friendly competition at the University. This year’s sports include Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag and Human Hungry Hippos. Listed below are brief explanations of the sports that students will compete in.

Bubble Soccer - This popular new pass time adds a fun and physical dimension to traditional soccer. Bubble soccer is played indoors and is a competition between two teams wherein the object is to score on the opponents net as many times as possible while conceding as few goals as possible within the allotted regulation time. Throughout the game, each individual contestant wears a durable plastic orb around his or her upper body and may use this orb to bump players of the opposing team.

Archery Tag - Archery tag is an innovative and fun activity incorporating elements of archery, dodgeball and paintball. This game pits two teams against each other with the goal being to score as many points as possible by shooting members of the opposing team with safe, foam tipped arrows. The area of gameplay includes obstacles which both teams may use to hide behind. All contestants are required to wear safety masks during gameplay.

Human Hungry Hippos - Human Hungry Hippos is a life-sized reimagining of the classic board game. This game can involve a number of teams at once with two players from each team in play at a time. The teams form a circle with a number of small balls grouped in the centre of the circle. One player on each team acts as the ‘hippo’ who collects balls by rolling towards the middle of the circle on a small scooter while the second team member acts as a propulsion system by pushing the hippo towards the middle of the circle and withdrawing him or her with the balls in tow. The object of the game is to have amassed the highest number of balls at the end of the game.


Social events are typically held on the Friday and Saturday night of Nursing Games weekend. Last year’s events included Porketta Bingo, a Sudbury tradition, followed by a "Night Shift" on Saturday. This year we hope to continue the fun by hosting events for those of the majority age, and for those who either do not wish to attend, or who are under 19 years of age.


It’s no surprise that nursing students love giving back, thus this year Nursing Games will once again include a charity event over the weekend. A charity that is close to our hearts here at Nipissing will be chosen, and registrants will soon be informed on how they can help out.

At the end of the day we would like to provide the best experience possible for our attendees, therefore we have decided to once again include a career fair. Typically on Sunday morning, the career fair invites professionals and potential employers from the Nursing field to network with students from across the province.

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Cheque(s) for Registration Fees ($2700) can be made out to Nipissing University (please note “Nursing Games 2017).

Hotel/lodging payments will be processed through our website that is currently under development. Credit card authorization will be required at this time. At this point you can select your intended/preferred roomates.